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Focused Libraries

General Information

The pressures on drug discovery are increasing the demand for novel drug-like molecules for use in early screening. Numerous collections of screening compounds are now commercially available for drug discovery but many are incomplete due to a lack of particular structural features.

In-house designed libraries

Organochem offers its own specially designed small libraries (10-250 targets). This is a unique opportunity to enrich your company's collection of compounds for screening purposes or to order new building blocks not available from other suppliers. The central purpose of the libraries is to provide suitable starting points for drug / agrochemical discovery. Organochem small focused libraries meet the basic Rule of Five criteria.

     Lipinski's Rule of Five criteria:
          LogP from 0 to 5
          MW from 160 to 500
          Number of H-donors from 0 to 4
          Number of H-acceptors from 0 to 7
          Number of NO2 groups from 0 to 2

Client designed libraries

We will be happy to work with you and assist you, as you would need, in design of focused libraries in any phase of your project and provide you with adequate medicinal chemistry support. Using our model we quote to synthesis small libraries, typically comprising 10-250 targets. The compounds, especially in the early lead discovery phase, are delivered on a fixed-price basis implying zero risks on your side: you only pay for the compounds that are delivered according to your exact specifications.

Our business model aims to provide rapid quotes, fast contract turnaround and delivery consistent with agreed timelines and budgets.


In general, the available weight of the compounds from 10 to 100 mg.


The chemical structure is confirmed (by 1H-NMR and/or GC/LC/MS) and the purity must be at least 90%.

If you are interested to obtain these libraries or you need extra information, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

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