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Building Block Compounds

General Information

Organochem designs, develops and synthesizes chemical reagents, scaffolds and intermediates widely known as building blocks for their convenient use in different fields of synthetic chemistry. Organochem offers a diverse and unique set of more than 2,000 heterocycles Building Blocks. These contain various pharmacophoric fragments and broad diversity of substituents is provided upon customer's request for all structural unit classes. Our compounds are small-, multifunctional molecules for constructing complex and highly functionalized entities. They are extremely versatile and powerful synthetic tools to provide chemical diversification for early hit-discovery, fragment based approaches, focused library production, hit-to-lead exploration as well as for scale-up of lead compounds for further development.

     Examples of the core structures are:   Show   Hide

          Imidazoles and pyrazoles
          (Iso)oxazoles and thiazoles
          (Iso)indoles, benzofuranes and benzothiophenes
          Benzimidazoles, indazoles, benzoxazoles and benzothiazoles
          Tri- and tetrazoles and (di)thia(di)azoles
          Pyridines, diazines and triazines
          (Iso)quinolines and chromenones
          Oxiranes and aziridines

     Examples of chemical handles are:   Show   Hide

          Carboxylic acids and acid chlorides
          Nitriles, amides, esters and iminoesters
          Aldehydes and ketones
          Hydrazines, hydrazone, imines and oximes
          Amino-, hydroxy-, thio- and nitro groups
          Alkanes, alkenes and alkines
          Ureas, thioureas and guanidines
          Combinations of all of the above

Online ordering system of Organochem allows you to browse this collection using a variety of techniques including Chemical Name, Part of Chemical Name, Molecular Formula, CAS No., Catalogue No., Functional Groups, Structure and Substructure search.


Generally, the available weights of the building blocks range up to 100 gram.

Delivery time

2-4 business days for in-stock compounds and 2-8 weeks for resynthesized compounds.


All compounds are >95% pure unless otherwise indicated. Analysis is always include either HPLC, GC, or mass spec. Additional data (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, F-NMR, IR, LC/MS, TLC, melting point) will be included when warranted. Analytical data and Safety Data Sheet are available on request for all products currently or formerly in stock.

In case you have special interest in specific building blocks, scaffolds or core structures that we do not offer, please let us know at to satisfy what you need.

New Molecules

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Latest News

    • Are you interested in exclusive Building Blocks? Organochem's unique Building Blocks and Synthons are now available which are ideal for combinatorial chemistry with several points of diversity for decoration or library expansion. They are typical fragmented drug-like building blocks with low molecular weight which are ideal for lead optimization, and many may also suitable for fragment-based screening.

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      Organochem Ltd reports significant progress in development of efficient online search and ordering system.