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Company, Provider and operator of the website:
Name: Organochem Ltd.

VAT identification number: 24221818-2-41 (HU24221818)

Court Register Number: 01-09-996288

Register of Companies: Ministry of Justice

Registered office: Vérhalom street 33/A., Budapest, H-1025 Hungary

Site: Berlini út 47-49., Budapest, H-1045 Hungary

Registration Number:

Contract language: English

Managing director: Zoltán Dalicsek

Phone: +36-1-793-3383


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    • Are you interested in exclusive Building Blocks? Organochem's unique Building Blocks and Synthons are now available which are ideal for combinatorial chemistry with several points of diversity for decoration or library expansion. They are typical fragmented drug-like building blocks with low molecular weight which are ideal for lead optimization, and many may also suitable for fragment-based screening.

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      Organochem Ltd reports significant progress in development of efficient online search and ordering system.